1. Knoxville music and artistic pics.


  2. Varekai band soundcheck in Michigan


  3. On the road! My musical journey.


  4. Great time in Austin, tx!!


  5. Dallas, Texas! You can see some pics fron the JFK museum at Dealey plaza and some other awesome cowboys stuff!


  6. My electric violin gear for Varekai! Soundcheck is starting :)


  7. This a some pictures i took when i visited the beautiful Fox theater of Detroit last week! Just…gorgeous.


  8. Great table! I wonder if they make it in banquet size for fancy diner;)


  9. Mondomusica 2014 is coming soon!


  10. A little bit about humans evolution….


  11. This is a picture of the Museum of violin in Cremona. ( museo del violino).

     Beautiful museum giving back to the famous violin makers of our planet. ( mostly italians and shows strings instruments, not only violins).


  12. This is one of my new shot taken by an exceptional lightpainting artist. I’ll post more pictures soon!

    Check out is website: www.jeffmalo.com


  13. ”This violin will never need a dampit”, ” For the first time, you’ll get a massage from your chinrest”


  14. 4 shows left in Montreal, Canada.

    I’m very excited to be in Boston. We are opening on august 7th!


  15. Great sand sculpture! The Art and Music were important in the Native Americans culture and they contribute to a lot (mostly in Art), but I’m not sure about the double-bass … Their music was very monophonic. They used flutes and a lots of percussions. Still an awesome work from this sand artist:)